Thank you & i love you to my dad’s family

Dear the god & the angels,

I love my family, please help me say these words more often, please the god may my words be of good intention, i thank you the god for my dad’s family, i learn from them, i thank you the god for everything they have shown me, they always welcome me, please keep them safe with you the god, my dad’s family has shown me what is good to do and be, please bless them, please help me do and be and say all the blessings i have been shown, they helped me and shown me love and patience and wisdom, please help me the god to put into words what i have been given by them, the god the family gave me a chance at life, i have had many, the god please help me do and be the responsibility i have with my dad’s family, i can share the god, thank you and i love you the god and my dad’s family